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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Spit You Out ARTIST: Apate It's a scary fact to come to terms with the fact that we're closer to 2020 than the early 2000s - but perhaps long enough has passed for nu-metalcore to shake off the stigma it acquired in those whacky days of Y2K and Paris Hilton. And perhaps it's good timing, but Brisbane five-piece Apate (pronounced A-Par-Tay) have definitely owned their roots and more with their brand new EP 'Spit You Out' due out this Friday (25th August).

Already notorious for their frenzied live vigour, the band consisting of Caleb Patch, Zakk Ludwig, David Hensler, Kurt Doglione, and Tim Wheaton have managed to bottle their heaving, explosive sound into a neat little 7-track EP that spits and fires as much as it enraptures with its dark and visceral content.

The term "creepy" springs to mind immediately, but not in the way you'd think - opening with an eerie little intro ('Fugue'), the kid gloves come well and truly off with follow up 'Bone Syndrome', seeing the Brissie boys reach peak "nu" levels with growling vocals, fuzzy instruments and more syncopation than William Shatner (and way more emotive range than Ol' Captain Kirk) . 'Split' follows suit, before the short and sweet 'Hangman' with it's rollicking beat that leaves you wanting more. Title track 'Spit You Out' spits a heap of hardcore into the mix, while 'Jackal' abruptly shreds in with its murky riffs and obliterating voals from frontman Zakk Ludwig before giving way to closing track 'Bitter Pill' that ends up proceedings with a brutal bang.

Yes, instrumentation is huge and the sound is a kiss with a fist, but behind the wall of sound is a carefully thought out and cathartic exploration of some inner demons, perhaps articulated best by guitarist Caleb Patch: "'Spit You Out' is Lyrically and Instrumentally our most in depth release to date. This record is our everything. It was written and recorded from a place of raw emotion. It's 2 years of our time, energy, emotion, blood, sweat and tears compiles into 7 tracks; 19 minutes of audio".

If you've never been into nu-metalcore, or even just metalcore in general, don't turn away too quickly from this absorbing and total firecracker of a release. Sure, it's got all the bells and whistles you'd expect with low tuning, punishing riffs and some darkness that at times will make your blood run cold - but somehow Apate have transcended the slurs that used to go hand in hand with the genre, and emerged with a spectacular release that sticks with you long after the riffs have subsided.

'Spit You Out' is dropping this Friday, and the boys will also be on tour throughout August and September- more info below:

FOR MORE INFO HEAD TO: Facebook | Unearthed | Bandcamp | Instagram


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