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  • Tiana Speter

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Snake Mountain Slide Into 2023 With New Tune 'Veins'

Photo Credit: Justin Gittins

It's been a few years between sonic drinks for Aussie melodic tech-metal group Snake Mountain, but 2023 is the unofficial year of the Snake, with the band releasing their first single since 2019 in the form of the scorching track Veins.

Marking a notably heavier direction for the quintet, Veins was recorded at Snake Mountain's own studio, with mixing and mastering by Dan Field (Apate, Babirusa) at Sledgehammer Studios.

Also wielding an accompanying music video, filmed by Gold Coast filmmakers Kyle Watson and Rianna Griggs, Veins is a pummeling, growling and prowling delight from the group, lyrically leaning to heavy thematics and sonically dragging you into the deep.

Veins is about trauma and dealing with it in a very violent way," says vocalist Nev Pearce of the new track, "a man who obsessively lives in a cycle of trying to make a difference to prevent it happening to anyone else and has infinite resources to do so, but it’s a never ending war he essentially can’t win within himself and that’s something that’s always drawn me to the character and his story".

Go and inject your eyes and ears into the brand newie from Snake Mountain below, and catch the band on Friday 10 February at Vinnies Dive on the Goldy alongside Burst, Choof and Awful Noise.






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