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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Conscience Cleaner (THE IRON EYE)

SINGLE: Conscience Cleaner ARTIST: The Iron Eye

Buzzing Brissie trio The Iron Eye are well and truly on their way to ruling the rock world with an iron fist, and their brand new track 'Conscience Cleaner' out last Friday is yet another rampaging triumph of royal proportions.

Playing host to pulsating rhythms, walls of distortion and dynamic vocals, 'Conscience Cleaner' is a hat-trick of down and dirty rock that not only packs a whallop - it also highlights a significant shift in the trio's sound (and an exciting one at that).

Described by producer Tom Larkin as "The Prodigy...if they were a rock band", there's a real hint of Royal Blood bleeding at the edges of 'Conscience Cleaner', while also lyrically exploring the downward spiral of mental uncertainty. And while the road to release was certainly not without its roadblocks for the band, both financial and technical, the end result is a raucous buzzer that is definitely worth the struggle.

Plus - in case the new track wasn't enough of a win for The Iron Eye boys, they've been announced as finalists in the VB Hard Yards Competition, and they've also announced their 'Cleaner Conscience' Tour kicking off next week that will see them traipse around the east coast and NZ.

'Conscience Cleaner' is out and about in the world now, you can check it out below.

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