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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Don't Say Much ARTIST: Sometime Sonny

There's nothing quite as exquisitely awkward when you're technically an adult in room full of people you barely know - but for Brissie artist Sometime Sonny, bumbling social interactions have sparked a bright and breezy indie-rock charmer with his brand new single 'Don't Say Much'.


Showcasing a lighter tone than previous slacker-rock heartwrenchers like 'Wasted On Me' and 'Like Everybody Else', 'Don't Say Much' sees Sometime Sonny (aka Dave Campbell) dipping his toes into a dreamy world of airy guitars and smooth grooves that pendulate beneath Campbell's laid back, rolling vocals.

Produced and mixed by fellow Brisbane indie artists Alex L'Estrange and Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr), this coastal-chic sparkler came to life in 20 minutes after coming home from an uncomfortable situation at a friend's house party: “I went over to a mate’s house party and I had that horrible feeling in my stomach where you don'tknow anyone except for the person who invited you. I clung onto him for a bit and tried to join hisconversation with friends. But you don't want to be that guy all night, so I decided to go talk to a bunchof people I didn't know,” says Campbell.“They turned out to be super lovely, but all I could think to say was 'hello'. It was like I froze in themoment of vulnerability, I was that quiet boy on the side saying nothing.” 'Don't Say Much' may be short and sweet, but it certainly speaks volumes about this absorbing artist and his knack for authentic songwriting. Keep your ears out for more new music to come from Sometime Sonny over the next few months, but for now go check out 'Don't Say Much' below.



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