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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme (FAUX BANDIT)

SINGLE: Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme ARTIST: Faux Bandit

Are your speakers itchy? Brisbane duo Faux Bandit have got the cure with some scratching rock and/or roll courtesy of brand new single 'Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme'.

A blistering collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Adam Brill and drummer Josh Johnstone, Faux Bandit bring some stoner-rock charm to the mix with chunky psych-riffage and crashing drums beneath gritty vocals. 'Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme' is a surge of heaving ambitious adrenaline that builds on the pair's earlier EPs ('The Better You Look' in 2015, and 'Flex' in early 2017) - except this time round the duo are boldy flexing their rockin' chops more than ever while exploring the pyramid scheme concept as a metaphor for the evolution of human character.

'Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme' is ultimately a thrashing ode to cynicism that's exploding with effusive energy and snazzy mixing; Faux Bandit have managed to capture some raucous rage without getting lost in an onslaught of noise, a fact made even more impressive by the fact that this is a two-piece blasting through your speakers.

Faux Bandit will launch their single at Brisbane's Flamin' Galah alongside Strangely Enough and other special guests on the 24th of November. Event info here.

In the meantime, checkout 'Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme' below:

For more Faux Bandit info head to:



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