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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Head Talk ARTIST: Sophisticated Dingo It is a truth universally acknowledged that dingoes are generally fancy - but none more so than Melbourne rockers Sophisticated Dingo (aka Jimmy and Lew) and their latest single 'Head Talk' is yet another raucous banger for the ages. Bringing some anthemic energy along the lines of Polish Club, Skeggs and just a touch of Violent Soho, this pumping pair have crafted a nifty fuzz-bomb that touches on the often inevitable late night drunken dummy-spits.

Self-described by the pair as "trash-pop", the track is smashed full of kicky beats and pub-ready riffs that tackles you down with its criminally catchy chorus. And while it's definitely an energetic garage-rock affair, there's a lot more than meets the eye; lyrically, 'Head Talk' addresses the far too familiar notions of over-thinking and assumption that crop up with misunderstandings and mates - “When you’re left in the dark about something, all you have to keep you company is your own thoughts - and they can easily turn ugly if you let them stew and you’re constantly turning them over and over,” says frontman Lewis “Lew” Matte. “Even stupid little things like drunken fights over the phone can take a toll on your psyche if you don’t have clarity and closure in situations. It’s important to clear the air wherever possible and to understand the situation so you don’t falsely interpret things, for your own wellbeing.”

For a single written in a loft over a garage and mastered by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Skeggs, The Peep Tempel), it was always going to be a rager. But the little addition of some candid songwriting takes this beyond being just another anthem to pound tinnies to, and instead makes it a blazing good time with a heart of gold.

The boys will be celebrating the release of 'Head Talk' with a rowdy, VB-fuelled single launch at Melbourne’s Tote Hotel on Friday 1 September. For tickets and more information on the single launch, head to the band’s Facebook page HERE.


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