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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Monster ARTIST: The One Hundred

What does it sound like when metal, rock and hip hop hang out in a tornado? Well, UK crazies The One Hundred are a perfect storm of metalcore, grime, rap and a whole lot more, and their latest single 'Monster' off their impending debut album is a perfect display of their unlikely mixture. The song snarls through with brain-melting beats and savage vocals - and the accompanying video is a beautiful nightmare of Die Antwood and creepy-Ghostbuster proportions (watch below):

Whether or not you're a fan of hardcore, metalcore or other core-related genres, it's undeniable that The One Hundred are giving their all to their unusual style - and the very fact that their style is practically unrivaled is a testament to vocalist Jacob Field who emphasises their rejection of following so-called "metalcore rules" - "When you’re in the metalcore genre, there are all these rules you have to follow. So when we started doing this, we said ‘Sod that!’ If we don’t brand ourselves as anything, then no-one will have expectations as to what we should or shouldn’t sound like...We wanted to pioneer our own genre, to do whatever we felt like and to step outside the comfort zone of what’s expected.” One thing's for sure - come June 2nd there will be an entire album blasting out worldwide, and for a band who has already toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Papa Roach, I think it's safe to say this debut album definitely won't be boring. ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 'Chaos + Bliss' is due out June 2nd, 2017 - pre-order HERE


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