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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Unabated // ARTIST: Muules


Ditch the guitar, chunk up the fuzz and strap in for some bluesy vocals - Sunny Coast trio Muules have thrown down their first new tune since last year's debut EP, jumping on some new textures and ballad vibes with the brand new 'Unabated'.


Taking a page out of the books of Royal Blood and Death from Above 1979 and the like, the Muules lads have frequently funnelled their passion and power into the rhythm section, losing the guitar and jacking up the bass while grasping at grunge and fuzzy alt-rock. But after the heavy outing that was the group's 2018 EP 'In the Lines Between', new track 'Unabated' strips back and places vocalist Nathan Vasey at the core of a softly gritty ode to against-all-odds relationships.

While still retaining the lo-fi grounding from their previous release, 'Unabated' throws in some keys for good measure as the track softly builds from a lilting lament into grungier waters. Brooding on some echoing sparsity early on, the track eventually grows into itself as the heavier textures ramp up halfway through and the trio confidently take the reigns into some Soundgarden-esque territories.

Exploring some new facets of the Muules brand, 'Unabated' showcases raw passion, a sharper melodic focus and furthers proof of what this lot can do without a guitar. And with the promise of a first album on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what direction Muules may steer us in next.

'Unabated' is out in the world now, you can check out the track below, and more all Muules info head here.



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