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  • Tiana Speter

NEW VIDEO: Swingin' Like I'm Bowie (PLUTO JONZE)

SINGLE: Swingin' Like I'm Bowie ARTIST: Pluto Jonze For the uninitiated, indie-pop wunderkid Pluto Jonze (aka Lachlan Nicholson) has been sneaking around for years now sprinkling his insanely likable creations packed full of huge hooks, dirty riffs and the most spectacular use of the theremin since an Ed Wood movie. The Sydney maestro's psychadelic creations have always had a sense of whimsy floating over grandiose instrumentation, and as of last week his newest creation 'Swingin' Like I'm Bowie' bounced out into the world, brandishing a pretty spectacular accompanying music video.

The track is the first taste of music in three years, and it doesn't disappoint: it's a hazy banger with an ear-worm of a chorus, and certainly pays a fitting tribute to the man behind the title - and while it comes as no surprise that David Bowie is a huge idol for Jonze, the track fits in just enough homage without sounding like an imitation. The clip itself was shot in the Northern Territory with the permission of the local people, and boasts some epic landscapes as well as some stellar Bowie dancing from Jonze. And it was travel itself that sparked Jonze's desire to write his own material again, having kept himself busy since his last release on co-vocals with rockers Hey Geronimo. 'Swingin' Like I'm Bowie' is a welcome return for this quirky artist, and you'll be able to catch him in action as of early July. But in the meantime, check the clip below!

Pluto Jonze will be supporting Furnace and the Fundamentals on their tour dates in Sydney and Melbourne in early July - Saturday 1 July at Max Watt's, Melbourne and Saturday 8 July at Enmore Theatre, Sydney.


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