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  • Tiana Speter


For those already familiar with Melb alt rock and rollers Society of Beggars, you'd know them for their classic rock vibes and powerful sounds. But their track 'Orbs' from their latest EP 'An EP Called Night' sees them strip back their trademark sound, and just recently they've delivered a mesmerising music video to boot.

'Orbs' kicks off with a twitching intro before launching into a swirling landscape of husky vocals and haunting melodies, accompanied by a montage of super 8 home movies and recent footage - but this is no ordinary montage. The clip is in fact a visual tribute to Yianni (vocals) and Jim's (guitar) musician father who recently passed away, and pays homage to their father's love of old Sci-Fi films, as well as his time in 80s band Vertical Hold.

The dark and brooding track is truly heart-rending on the surface, but made even more poignant as Jim explains: “Last November we lost our greatest supporter, our voice of reason, our guiding light and the reason that music runs in our blood in the first place; our father, Miki Michalopoulos. While recording, we called him every day from the studio, tired from working into the late hours; but he always instilled in us a sense of purpose and strength that kept us going. Not long after we finished recording he passed from complications arising from Lymphoma. His illness ran for only 7 months and consumed our lives. When Yianni visited him during this time he put headphones on his head, and pushed play on the EP. And my father cried. Whatever happens with this recording, this is the memory that truly matters. As well as being the first musician I truly looked up to, my father was a consummate storyteller. He'd always tell my brother and I that the story is the most important part of any piece of art, or of anything worth its salt in life.With that in mind, this one goes out to all of you; the dreamers, the grieving and lost, the ones whose hearts are so full they feel as though they're about to burst, the lovers and the lonely.But most of all this one goes out to our Dad.”

The track is bittersweet, both a melancholy ode and sweeping triumph from a band that continues to establish themselves as compelling and novel storytellers in the alternative rock world.

The band will be playing a special home town show in Melbourne at The Penny Black on Friday 8th Sept. Check out the clip below:

AN EP CALLED NIGHT’ is out now on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud

For more Society of Beggars info check out: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud


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