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  • Tiana Speter



Leave your worries at the door with the winsome new tune Winter Winds from WA roots-rock folk lord Michael Day. Packed full of creamy guitars and ambient folk, Winter Winds will chase every shade of blue from your mind, and today The Soundcheck is very proudly premiering this gem before its official release tomorrow.


Already an established force in the musical realms for his sturdy writing and effortless charm, WA singer-songwriter Michael Day straddles a fine and compelling line between technical finesse and lush storytelling. An introspective bard in the vein of an Australian John Mayer, Day brandishes his beautiful sonic creations both as a solo artist and part of a broader band, eventually landing into the alt-folk scene after discovering John Butler Trio in his high school days. And while the folk trope often lends itself to tales of love and melancholy, it’s on his latest release that Day ventures into the near-universal condition of conflict and bad communication in satirical yet surprisingly sweet fashion.

With undulating guitars and euphoric banjos, Winter Winds boasts a surface of naivete and hope, while its true somewhat brooding and apprehensive soul slowly congeals to the surface amongst driving rhythmics. And capably helmed by Day’s honeyed vocals lending a sharp burst of authenticity to proceedings, Winter Winds acts equally as a catharsis for Day’s real-life experiences as much as it allows the listener to actively journey their own responses to conflict.


I had a conflict with a friend and instead of dealing with it, I wrote a song about how bad we are at dealing with conflict” - Michael Day


A glistening showcase of modern alt folk and raw talent, Winter Winds will warm your heart and bedevil your ears, and get you hankering to hit the road and see what adventures may life in wait. Go grab a sneaky listen below, and keep an eye out on all the usual digital streaming suspects on tomorrow.





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