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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Beg Lie Steal Borrow // ARTIST James Bennett

Laden with folksy charm and honeyed melodics, the brand new track Beg Lie Steal Borrow from Newcastle artist James Bennett is a catchy sonic balm set to soothe all your woes (and get drastically stuck in your head).


A seamless convergence of old-timey Americana and more modern folksy blues, James Bennett brings sincerity and unkempt genial charisma to the table with each passing release; and it's on his latest track Beg Lie Steal Borrow (the first taste of album number four for the Novocastrian) that Bennett further flexes his Bob Dylan-esque wiles alongside a warm and winsome backdrop.

"The song was in my head for a few years, I would hum this melody while driving up & down the highway playing gigs across the country like I’ve always done but I was never able to find the right lyrics. They were always just a little strange & didn’t really go with the vibe of the music, it always had a break up theme to it, which in some way or another, I kept. I wrote about three sets of lyrics all up & in the end I did use some of them from the second draft which was the chorus. During 2020 when the world went into lock down, I finally had time to finish a lot of lyrics for a lot of songs I hadn’t finished. So if the year was good for anything, it was that! This one more notably (but unintentionally) came out as a reflection on how I felt about a year of not being able to do the thing I’ve done to make a living for the last eight years" - James Bennett

Draped in Bennett's woozy drawl and glistening percussion, Beg Lie Steal Borrow offers shades of bluegrass, folk and some good old-fashioned Aussie storytelling, ultimately gifting an upbeat rumination on life's highs and lows that'll lure you in whether you're a fan of folksy good vibes or not. Beg Lie Steal Borrow is officially out tomorrow, but you can grab a sneak peek below before you can snap it up for your summer road trip playlist!





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