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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Biophilia // ARTIST Endless Valley

Come glide into the intoxicating world of psychedelic Brisbane collective Endless Valley as they conjure a potent world of eclectic prog and worldly psychedelia on their brand new track Biophilia which officially jumped out into the world today.


A staggering melting pot of varying influences and backgrounds in one bewitching package, Brisbane collective Endless Valley offer a unique sonic experience off the beaten track of predictability and sonic conformity. With their moniker signalling both the group's lack of borders between narcotic grooves and hypnotic melodics, Endless Valley also endeavour to journey the listener into the world of 'Nayivada'; an expansive dreamworld connective with ancient cultures and boundless possibilities, as seen most recently on their brand new track Biophilia.

Marking a call to the band's fantastical land of Nayivada, the track layers tribal percussion with husky vocals as the group draw you deeper into a sonic world laced with magic, natural beauty (plus grooves for DAYS). And as if the transcendental listening experience isn't enough to lull you into this heady world Endless Valley have concocted, the band have also whipped up an accompanying music video to immerse you fully into the woozy psychedelia at the core of Endless Valley.

A group well-versed in bending time and space to their will (as well as keeping their white robes remarkably pristine, please send laundry tips), Endless Valley are a refreshing breath of rare air for those who like their tunes on the psych side, or those just in need of a bit of musical magic to brush off the cobwebs of 2020. Go check out the new tune below, and head here for more info.






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