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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Sort your laundry day now, you've got 3 weeks til AusMusic T-Shirt Day!

Don't say we didn't warn you! In exactly three weeks you can bust out your fave Aussie band merch tee not just to declare your undying love to some of the amazing local talent in our backyard, but to also help an extremely worthy cause.


November is not only officially AusMusic Month and a kick off to ARIA week, it also marks the beloved tradition of AusMusic T-Shirt Day - a nation-wide celebration of Australian music that shines a deserving spotlight on the incredible artists we have in our midst.

But it's not all about vintage tour tees and fifty shades of black tops, with AusMusic T-Shirt Day, triple J, ARIA and the incredible organisation Support Act once again raising funds for artists and industry workers doing it tough, whether it be due to financial hardship, ill health or mental health issues.

So whether you're a musician, music worker or an all-round music lover, get your laundry day sorted for November 16th, chuck on your fave band tee and if you can spare it, make a donation via the Support Act AusMusic T-Shirt day website.

Every little bit helps!



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