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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Brace yourself, Brissie's dark lords Darkcell are ready to unleash the monsters!

It's been a long time between tunes for Brisbane industrial rockers Darkcell, but they're starting the new year off with a bang, announcing a brand new single 'Reign Of The Monsters' and a hint at their forthcoming album.


Previously described as a "modern day KISS", Darkcell have routinely charged their villainous grooves with catchy melodics and gothic theatrics - think Marilyn Manson riding a ghost train laden with jagged fairy lights and you'll stumble somewhat into the Darkcell mode of operation.

With 2016's 'Haunted Reality' melting speakers with its industrial fuzz and spitfire lyrics, it seems in 2019 we will find Darkcell still well and truly raging against the mainstream, but with their own affably macabre flair.

'Reign Of The Monsters' will officially drop on Friday 25th of January, sparking the first taste of the Darkcell gent's new upcoming full length album - you can pre-order here, and watch this space to check out the track next week.



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