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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Hey Baby! hit the road!

Brisbane's certainly cornering the market with some pumped up punk of late, and with their feet planted firmly in that scene are charming indie-punks Hey Baby!


If catchy tunes and raucous dudes are your thing, you'll not only want to jump on the brand new single 'Kids' from this fun-soaked quartet, you'll also want to catch them live from next week for their recently announced east coast tour.

'Kids' details frontman Kacper Majchrowski and his decision to move from his childhood home in the Blue Mountains to Brisbane; a decision that has resulted in an exhilarating little tune that grazes the sounds of the Dune Rats and Skeggs while celebrating and deliberating the decadence of youth and finding your own way in the world, as Majchrowski explains: "I think our new single highlights the fact that conventional education doesn't really work for everyone, or correctly evaluates everyone's intelligence. Some of my best friends didn't continue with school, but at the same time they had such a clear grasp of the world and what's going on. We read and studies things that interested us, we played music or created art through other mediums, and we expanded our minds in a lot of other non-conventional ways. We weren't dumb, we were just a bunch of kids having fun!"

You can check out Hey Baby!'s brand new single plus tour info below!




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