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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Aussie music legends in-the-making to take centre stage at The Collective this weekend.

Let's face it - us Aussies are severely spoiled when it comes to music, and especially tunes from new artists bursting onto the scene. And now more than ever exciting opportunities are springing to life to provide these artists with a platform to get their tunes out into the world - and one of these events will be debuting its fine self this Saturday night in Sydney, with the launch of The Collective at The Landsdowne Hotel in Sydney.


Presented by 1-2 Entertainment, the team behind the hugely successful Weekend In The Gardens series and New Find, The Collective is set to spin the spotlight on some of the fresh faces coming up in the music world, providing the opportunity for artists to expand on an their already burgeoning live experience.

The first ever outing for The Collective has collected a horde of formidable artists including

CLEWS, TOTTY, The Buoys, Cry Club and Spit Chewy - all bands who arrive at the pointy end of 2018 with a range of successes, including label signings, stellar supports and just a whole heap of epic music.

Another significant move from the organisers not only celebrates local talent, but also works to celebrate the creative minds in the local diverse community: “We are so lucky to be working with this incredible group of artists. It’s important for us to showcase just how many talented female and non-binary artists are in Oz right now. We can’t wait for the show!” (The Collective).

So whether you're a music tastemaker, music lover or just that person who loves saying they "knew about such and such band before they got huge" - The Collective is set to be an unforgettable night celebrating a thrilling crop of artists. Don't miss it!



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