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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: The Violet Stones unleash new clip for 'Stubborn'

If you're a fan of searing guitars and snarling throwback alt rock, Western Sydney trio The Violet Stones may just be the band you need in your life, with the group today unveiling a brand new music video for their boisterous track Stubborn.

An engaging grungy ode coated in menacing basslines, splashy drumwork and stormy melodics, Stubborn brings together 90s apathy with a crunchy, contemporary twist; and the accompanying music video (filmed in two continuous shots) is a fitting amalgamation both of the dominant riff and underlying themes.

"Everyone’s a little bit hypocritical, even if it's just with small things. 'Stubborn' touches on the fact that some people would rather be hypocrites than change their ways or views. I wanted to have fun with the lyrics so I made up a bunch of lines with juxtapositions, it can represent people's constant indecisiveness that's brought on by their stubbornness...We can all be stubborn at times. The music video shows the persona we portray whilst performing against the real people we are behind the scenes, which at times can be juxtaposing. We hit some heavy topics in our songs & may look sad and angsty whilst performing but we love to just muck around with each other and have fun.” - Sarah Curran - vocals/guitar

Taken from the group's sophomore album PIN which is out kicking in the world now, Stubborn is an enamouring little slice of gnashing alt rock for those yearning for the good old days of Hole, Incubus and Korn - but with just the right amount of modernity baked in for good measure. Check out the new video below!







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