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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Yours Truly unveil a brand new single, confirm album 'Self Care' release date


Self care is something we've all been in need of a little more of these days, and Aussie pop-punk legends Yours Truly have delivered the goods with the confirmation of their debut album Self Care officially releasing on Friday September 18 - and a brand new tune Together which dropped yesterday!


A band who have truly flourished in such a short space of time since they emerged fresh out of high schools a few years back, Yours Truly have firmly established themselves as a dazzling force to be reckoned with, with their punchy spunk finding them landing tours alongside Sum 42 and Senses Fail, as well as festival offers from Download UK, Riot Fest and more.

But while the band's successes, both at home and abroad, have read like the dream run for so many chasing the musical dream, the reality behind such a quick trajectory has found its way into a snappy new pop punk gem Together which the group dropped yesterday amid confirming the September release date for their debut album Self Care. And while Together still bears the same catchy melodics and gritty charm Yours Truly are increasingly beloved for, the track also traverses the band's most momentous year ever, tackling incessant international touring, batting imposter syndrome and all the usual challenges faced at the age of 21: uni study, retail jobs and breakups. But rather than wallowing, these experiences have been lovingly weaved into Together and the broader Self Care album, providing the perfect antidote to the band's whirlwind - and a cracker of a new tune for the rest of us:

"Together is about feeling the stress and uneasiness of imposter syndrome. I had a lot of fear and anxiety coming into this album, having this expectation to exceed what we did with 'Afterglow'. I remember telling myself 'you need to write the best songs of your life' and getting upset about the possibility of not being able to prove ourselves. One night I turned to Lachlan (Cronin, guitar) and said 'I just feel all the colour has been drained from my brain' and we both looked at each other with wide eyes, and that's how the idea of 'Together' came about." - Mikaila Delgado, vocalist

While we still have a few months to wait to get our hands on the new album, at least we can keep busy devouring Together and the recent track Composure in the meantime to get us hyped for what's to come. Self Care is officially due out Friday September 18 via UNFD, and you can grab a listen of Together below.


1. Siamese Souls

4. Vivid Dream

5. Undersize

6. Ghost

7. Funeral Home

8. Glass Houses

9. Half Of Me

10. Heartsleeve






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